Enough of this.


I’m responding to this fucking garbage at this point because I feel like I have to. I’ve been quiet about it, letting each incident, each insult, each shitty, childish thing blow past, operating under the increasingly stupid belief that saying nothing to people who sling shit at you and the people you love is somehow better than ever defending yourself or setting the record straight.

So let’s set the record straight on this one.

The majority of people interested in reading this likely have no idea who I am, outside of my role in this particularly stupid and pointless bit of internet drama. When Nash complained on Twitter that his girlfriend had left him for another man, that “other man” was me. So I feel particularly entitled to give what is I hope the final word on this nonsense, speaking from a perspective that is deeply involved, has been there through the entire thing and also not a part of nor interested in the TGWTG community or the drama that surrounds it. I find all of it to be irritating as fuck, which is why I’m opening my mouth.

Firstly, let’s get this out of the way: everything said in the post I’ve linked to here is false. I realize this is the internet, where first-hand knowledge apparently counts for nothing, we all have our own facts and blah blah blah, but this is horseshit. Fabricated. Pulled out of thin air. He says it right there: he “feels” like Hope cheated on her ex-boyfriend, and “feels” this is right, so you should somehow lash out at her, because you’ve decided to become the kind of person who gets so personally invested in someone else’s love life that you need to take sides and publically shame someone for making relationship decisions you don’t approve of.

Here’s what happened: I’ve known Hope for a long time and we’ve spent a lot of time together, and there was an entirely unspoken attraction between us that manifested itself earlier this year when Hope called me at something like 3am to tell me she had feelings for me. I told her I felt the same way. She broke up with Nash the next day, and told me specifically she could not carry on with him while knowing she and I had a shot. She was as honest and straightforward about this with him as she possibly could have been. There was nothing any reasonable person  - keyword reasonable - would call ‘cheating’,  physically or emotionally. She did not cheat on him with me. This I know, because I’m the other guy.

That is what happened. I was the person on the phone. I know. I feel like this needs to be restated a bunch of times or it won’t really get through to people with their own stupid, entirely made-up narrative about this whole thing.

Nash then proceeded to make the entire thing as public as possible and tell his side of the story over and over again. In his numerous therapy sessions with the internet, he conveniently left out a tremendous amount of information about how all this exactly went down after Hope told him she didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. I knew the truth and said nothing. He continued this behavior, all over Twitter, all over his live show, everywhere he went. It was embarrassingly public, and the likely unintentional result ensured that people would lap up the drama and then walk away with a low opinion of his ex-girlfriend, who was just as much a part of the same talent ecosystem. People alerted me to nearly every instance where Nash had decided to talk shit about Hope in public, likely hoping to provoke me into responding to him. It was nothing but trouble for weeks, and now apparently continues to be, even though she left him months ago.

Eventually I did respond to him, only once, about a week ago when someone decided to impersonate me in Nash’s chat room and start some shit , which provoked him into messaging Hope and telling her to “control me”. The next day a bunch of really nasty Twitter messages were waiting, letting Hope know how awful she is for leaving Nash. One person said she hopes we both die of an STD. Yep.

Let me tell you how incredibly fucking dumb all of this is to me. Just typing out “someone impersonated me in my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend’s IRC chat room ” is fucking awful. That’s so stupid and surreal. Imagine that happening to you, and imagine having the internet then yell at you for it the next day. Imagine ANY of this bullshit was happening to you, while all you’re trying to do is build a life with the person you love. Unbelievable.

What I said to Nash after he told Hope to “control me”, apparently believing that I’d be in his chat room insulting him at 4am months after I thought I was done  ever hearing about him again, was to just leave us alone. Leave us alone. She left you, it’s over, our life is none of your business, and we’ve done absolutely nothing BUT leave you alone. I said I had no patience for this, and that if he wanted to keep pushing us and keep starting shit, I know things about what happened after Hope left him that he certainly does not want people to know about. But I’m not going to talk about that stuff - please just leave us alone as we’ve left you alone, to move on, to live your life and find happiness. That’s all anyone wants.

The reason I say that I know the whole story - or at least the side Nash isn’t mentioning - isn’t to threaten him. It’s to illustrate to the people who keep bringing this shit up and attacking Hope that blindly believing everything someone who got dumped says or insinuates about their most recent ex-girlfriend is really dumb. Here’s a hint: they aren’t going to be even remotely fair about it and you aren’t ever hearing the whole story. This is true of everyone, not just Nash. I don’t blame him, and his behavior is understandable if also predictable.

But let’s get down to what this actually is. Two people you don’t know broke up, a girl left a relationship she wasn’t happy in for something else. Happens all the time. People get hurt, they move on, relationships end and then something else grows. It’s probably happened to you! Or it hasn’t. It will, some day.

Regardless, this is what happened. That’s the long and short of it. That relationship was over. No cheating took place. She had feelings for someone else and moved on, he’s in the process of doing that himself, hopefully. That’s it. Making more of it than that, trying to smear someone’s name - stupid. Pointless. And none of this is any of your business in the first place, even if her ex-boyfriend made you feel like somehow it was.

In short, I’m sure the really strange community of TGWTG “fans” who gossip about the people who make videos for the site will eat this up. I wonder - what does it say about you that you spend your time writing about these people like you’re a reporter for US Weekly? They’re just people who happen to produce video content you enjoy. They aren’t celebrities - calling them “public figures” wouldn’t hold up in court right now. Why are their private lives relevant to you? I understand that everyone loves gossip, but we’re months past this at this point - surely even this would be old news by now. Talk all you like about the videos they make, but their private lives?

Their private lives are none of your business.


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